Saturday, August 29, 2009

VIP Accommodations

Age: 33 days old

Since George is an ambassador owl, his job is to travel around Saskatchewan helping us teach people about burrowing owl and prairie conservation.

To carry him safely between buildings and vehicles, he has a cool carrying case. With a soft fleece cover, George can often be found snoozing on top (the penthouse) or in front (the patio).

George's vision is still developing, so he often bobs or turns his head for better perception. While owls never grow out of this, they bob a lot more as owlets.

Last note, I swear. This last photo gives a good view of George's jesses (those leather bits on his legs). These soft leather jesses are for when George is "working" because a short leash is clipped into the ends. This prevents him from flying away and injuring himself if he gets spooked. When not working and putzing around the office or his enclosure, George is not leashed.


  1. He's grown sooo much! How is he doing with his canine sister?

  2. I love his range of motion. I wonder what the world would look like from that angle as a human!