Monday, August 24, 2009

Top Heavy

Age: 8 days old flashback

I can't help but flip through old photos of George. And he's only a few months old too, what will I do when he's a year old?

One thing I've noticed is that George was a very top heavy youngster. I think he's either fallen asleep and toppled over. Or he's toppled over and fallen asleep. Hard to tell....


  1. Oh my he was a tiny little guy wasn't he? Adorable! I just want to scoop him up and hold him he's so sweet!

  2. awe someone help the poor guy up! breathing has to be difficult like that lol

  3. I love how cute he is. Heck if you fall over, you might as well take a nap, right??

  4. I fall over all the time, napping or not. I'm top heavy too. Poor little guy!

    This blog is just full of adorable!