Monday, August 17, 2009

Life is good

Age: 28 days old
Mass: 146 grams

Don't you wish your job included sleeping in a sunbeam?

As a resident ambassador owl, George's job is pretty cushy. His day includes eating some mice, meeting some people, sleeping in sunbeams, and occasionally helping out in our gift store.

Okay, he does a lot more than that. George isn't even a month old and he has already met over 2,500 people! Between attending local festivals, delivering outreach programs, and wowing visitors, George has certainly earned his nap.


  1. beautiful!!! thanks for the update! i really respect what you're doing & was craving more pics of george when there was a little break here. thanks for sharing him with us!!!!!

  2. I love george & can't wait to see more of him!

  3. That just makes me want to curl up in a sunbeam with him. Do you think he'd share the warmth?