Saturday, June 13, 2009

Smug Gains

Age: 8 days old
Mass: 48 grams

George looks pretty happy with himself. Since yesterday, he's gained 6 grams. That's like gaining 15% of your body weight overnight. At this age, George will continue to grow like a weed. I feed him 4 - 5 times a day, and he's always peeping for more.

What does George eat? Well, the natural diet of a burrowing owl is mostly rodents and insects, and at this age, the parents are feeding growing owlets a lot of meat to help them grow. I feed George chopped up pieces of mices (it's not as gross as it sounds).

****SBOIC is licensed to keep and display all their educational animals. Only qualifed individuals with proper permits are allowed to keep native species. Taking an animal from its wild home is illegal. Keep our animals wild, and leave them in their homes.

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  1. Oh! Is he ever cute in this picture!! Nice work, Janet. I look forward to meeting this little guy. Maybe you can bring him to the Saskatchewan Science Centre this summer? -- Collette