Sunday, June 28, 2009

Peculiar Housemates

Age: 15 days old
Mass: 101 grams

My dog is extremely disapointed that the two new puppies won't play with her. Despite offering her treasured tennis ball to George, she's still waiting for some kind of acknowledgement. Anything. Anything at all....

In the wild, there are many predators that will make a quick lunch of a burrowing owl. Great horned owls, hawks, weasels, skunks, raccoons, house cats, badgers, foxes, and even snakes are some of the animals that burrowing owls have to keep an eye out for.

Growing up with my dog, George is completely fearless. He'll run through her legs and has no problem taking a nap beside my 42 lb dog. I hope this kind of upbringing will be useful because we sometimes take the ambassador owls out to park festivals where people also walk their dogs. The dogs don't usually notice the owls, but Sanders and Trooper can spot a dog from afar and will spook easily.

****SBOIC is licensed to keep and display all their educational animals. Only qualifed individuals with proper permits are allowed to keep native species. Taking an animal from its wild home is illegal. Keep our animals wild, and leave them in their homes.


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