Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Important Discovery

This is Sanders, another ambassador owl, doing her best impression of a solar panel. When relaxed and presented with a sunbeam, burrowing owls will soak up the rays by laying flat and sometimes even spreading the wings to absorb more heat.

Spotting a sunbeam in the corner of our interpretive centre, I decided to find out if George loved sunbeams as much as the next burrowing owl.

After setting George down in the middle of a hearty sunbeam, this is how he immediately reacted.

Let's take a close up.

Oh dear, I disturbed his reverie.

This deserves some video. LOOK AT HIS TINY TAIL!

I think this was an important day for George. Sunbeams are awesome.

Age: 20 days old
Mass: 126 grams


  1. if you hook up wires to their feet, could they be the next solution to renewable energy? hehe

    another lol-caption of georgie's great expression "i crashded" (check my name-url for pic)

  2. in that first pic, it looks like Georgie face-planted. adorable.

  3. oooh, could he be any cuter? i had no idea about the sunbeam/owl connection!

  4. It's simply lovely. Thank you for all these wonderful pictures and videos!

  5. I've seen baby birds do this in my back yard. I think they were robins, and the parent birds were acting quite normal, but all the babies were sprawled out on the ground, and I thought at first that they were injured. After a while, they all fluttered away.

  6. He looks like me when I wake up in the 3rd pic... do owls like coffee? ^_^