Friday, July 17, 2009

Adopt An Owl

George's parents, like most of our other burrowing owls, are a mixed bunch.

This is Sherman, one of my faves, because he's a feisty little owl that doesn't let a droopy wing get in his way. Sherman was brought in after being hit by a truck, and then flying into a barbed wire fence... it was a twofer. Named after the fellow behind the wheel, Sherman was taken to the vet, who fixed his broken wing. After recovery and two days before his arrival at SBOIC, Sherman flew into a wall and broke his wing again! (I never said owls were smrt) Fixed up a second time, Sherman has been a great addition to our SBOIC population and has raised many baby owlets.

Check out this link to help us feed our injured owls: Adopt An Owl.

There's lots of owls to help, like George, Cookie, Spike, Kay, Valentino, Sanders, Trooper, Abraham, Sherman, Gale, and Zeus.

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