Sunday, October 25, 2009

Traffic Stopper

Age: 40 days old
Mood: Grouchy

George decided to nap by the back entrance, so we had to lock the back door to the Interpretive Centre to stop any thorough traffic... just so he wouldn't be disturbed while napping. Talk about star treatment, sheesh...

All we're missing were the traffic cones!

Sssssshhhhhhh, George is sleeping....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Perfect Roost

Flashback: June 19, several weeks old

At least if Shorty poops, the dirty laundry is already in the basket. I call that Win Win.

Get the hint yet?

Flashback: 16 days old
Looking back, I still can't believe how quickly George grew. In this photo, George is peeking out at the rest of the big world.
At 16 days old, he was already too big and too active for his case. He left me scrambling for a box that was neither too small or too big.